Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Spine Update

Full Disclosure: this is literally a copy of my Facebook post from yesterday.

Two years ago this month Ryan was first seen at the Orthopedic clinic to monitor him for scoliosis. At the time, his curvature was around 28 degrees. He has been monitored every six months and at today's appointment the x-rays show his curve has progressed to 60 degrees. He is scheduled for a spinal fusion this May. This kiddo has been through so much, hopefully this will be just another small bump in the road and he'll be back to his normal (but straight-spined) self!

Friday, January 12, 2018

Snow Day Project

Yesterday we had an ice/snow day. I spent my time cleaning out my pantry. Love being productive!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Bandwagon-18 months later

In July of 2016 I bought an Instant Pot.  Unfortunately, until last week I had only used it to boil eggs.  I saw many Facebook posts of people who had received them for Christmas raving about all of the easy meals they were making.  I decided I was going to get over my fear, research recipes with great reviews and give it a go.  So far this week, I have made a chicken burrito bowls, copycat Applebees spinach and artichoke dip and beef with broccoli.  Tonight is going to be Dr. Pepper pulled pork.  It is certainly proving it's usefulness and I have pinned many other recipes that I am excited to try!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Ryan’s 14!

Ryan had a wonderful 14th Birthday!  He started off giving everybody he saw at school a birthday hug and brought frosted cookies as his birthday treat. When he came home we had Pizza Shoppe pizza, opened presents and enjoyed a Royals cookie cake. Grammy came over and he was able to FaceTime with Grandma and Grandpa. Overall a great day!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Feelin’ Crafty!

My mother-in-law, Diane, generously gave me a Cricut Easy Press for Christmas. I have had a Cricut for a while but hadn’t used it for much. I had all of these great ideas I wanted to take on but just hadn’t done it yet. Over Christmas break I’ve made theee things already!  A New Year’s shirt for Molly, a basketball mom shirt for me and a cute sign to put by our coffee pot. As I get better, I’ll start taking requests ;-)

Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Year’s Cleaning

This week I spent a significant amount of time on two much needed areas: our master bedroom closet and the large storage room. We were able to make a large donation pile as well as get rid of a bunch of trash. I now have nice blinds in my closet (to replace a tacked up curtain) and all of my totes in the storage room are stacked and labeled (until I find the perfect shelves I want). It has also allowed me to dedicate a small craft space for myself. My first project was a New Year’s Eve shirt for Molly!