Friday, June 20, 2008

10 DPO

Wow. Just wow. Saturday night (May 31st) hubby and I were watching a movie. About halfway through I felt really sick and had to go to bed. The next morning I decided to take a test I had on hand. Was there a line???? I couldn't tell. We ate breakfast and went to church and then had a very eventful lunch at our regular establishment El Maguey's. Ryan started bawling and though we never figured out why, we think he had a tummy ache. I took the boys out to the car and had Bobby take the food to go. Once we were settled back in at home I took the other test I had. It was a digital one which has a little less ambiguity ;-) It thought for about a minute before it said "PREGNANT" in big bold letters. we go again.....

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