Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Hospital Tour .....of Laughs

Tonight I toured one of the hospitals that my doctor's group delivers at. Having delivered at two different hospitals with my first two boys, I decided to try yet another, newer, hospital for my 3rd. I had heard great things about the amenities and wanted to witness them with my own eyes. True to rumor, the all in one labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum rooms were very roomy with two flat-panel tv's and wireless Internet. There is an all-night snack bar for mom and family and Fort Knox like security to keep any baby stealers from trying to take my little girl.

It is pretty humorous to see how a person changes from their first to their third child. It was evidenced by the questions asked by myself and the other couple touring with me who were expecting their first.

OC (Other Couple): "Do we have to stay the full 48 hours after a normal delivery if my doctor says I can go home?"

Me: "My insurance says it will pay for 96 hours. I can stay the full 96 right?"

OC: "Can we keep our baby with us the entire time? I don't want my baby going to the nursery."

Me: "There isn't a problem if I send the baby to the nursery every night except to feed right?"

OC: "Where are the fire exits?"

Me: "What kind of free stuff do we get?"

Ok, so I asked the last one a little more tactfully but yes, I did ask. As for my previous questions, when else are you going to have someone wait on you hand and foot and bring the baby to and fro on your command ever again? I have this child for the next 18 plus years, 96 hours of help will not hurt anyone!

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Anonymous said...

Too funny. I do remember you asking some of the same questions with your first one also. Back in my day they let me stay for almost a week with each one.I think it was 5 days. The doctor even asked me after I had the last one if I was sure I was ready to go home as I had 3 others waiting for me. Of course I said yes. After the first night home though I would have given anything to be back in the hospital resting:)Mom