Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A well-dressed girl

Last week, Talbot's online was having a major clearance sale. Yes, I am the queen of clearance and coupons. On top of their 75% off clearance, I had a coupon code for an additional 20% off and free shipping. The above items at retail would have cost: $302! I spent less than $60. Ok, still not super cheap but for "boutique" clothes, I didn't think that was too bad of a deal.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely darling. She will be a real fashion diva. Love them. Mom

Anonymous said...

Good buys! I am all about buying pink these days too! Still anxiously awaiting the arrival of our little girl!
Will enjoy reading your blog.
Joan S

Anonymous said...

Robyn I can hardly wait for you to have a girl!! It is the best! Your boys will just love her to pieces and you will love the opportunity to buy the cutest clothes you've ever seen! There are days when I look at Lydia's closet and dresser...and the top of the closet...and the top of the dresser and wonder what in the world I'm doing...and then I smile because she looks so darn cute it doesn't matter! I know you will do the same!! We'll have to take them to the Brucemore tea in a few years!! Maybe we should start looking for dresses now??!
;-) Steph