Friday, October 3, 2008

What $19 can buy you in today's economy

K-Mart (not my favorite store but tends to have some bargains) just started instituting "double coupon days". Most stores that double coupons will double only those up to $0.50. K-Mart has taken it a few steps further and is doubling up to $2!!! So, an item that is $4 but has a $2 coupon would be free! My total for the above items before coupons was $98. After.....$19! My goal is that during this winter (i.e. bad months for those in the mortgage industry) and maternity leave, the only expenses we will have are for food, gas, ultilities and day care. It might be a fantasy but if all goes as planned, I won't be finding myself picking up shampoo at the grocery store for double the normal price.

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Mom said...

Dad says you need to teach me how to do this!fi