Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Step by Step

The nursery is one step closer to being finished. While we were on our trip a couple of weeks ago, my dear ol' dad used his expert painting skills to put a coat of fresh paint on the nursery. Due to the fact that we have a very pink chair, I decided to do the walls in a green color to offset the "pinkiness". On the bottom of the walls we are going to do white wainscot like in my inspiration picture. I was a little concerned choosing a green. Green can go from good to bad very quickly. One shade is beautiful, the next may be putrid. I had heard of the color "Christopher Robin's Swing" in the Disney collection. I googled for some pictures and decided to paint a swatch. I held my breath and went for it and it turned out beautiful! Our carpenter came last night and made me my list of supplies to get in order to get the wainscot up. Once that is done, I can get the crib together and move the pink chair out of our bedroom. It kind of clashes with the blue and burgundy.

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