Sunday, February 15, 2009

Just what we need.....NOT!

MJ is sick. Last night he had a fever of 104.5. Enough to put a sleep deprived mother into hysterics. None of my children have ever had a fever that high and various scenarios kept running through my mind. What if Molly were to get it? What if I were to get it? What if RJ ended up with an intestinal problem that landed him back in the hospital? At 11:00 at night my mind tends to run off and think irrationally. Luckily my dear mom is still in town and between she and my hubby they thought clearly enough to send the crazy mom (me) back to bed and took care of my sick 2 year old. He woke up this morning still warm but much better than last night. I have the surface disinfectant handy and we are all washing our hands until they bleed.

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