Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Haircut ~ Schmarecut

I attempted my first outing this evening with two children by myself. I fully expect that once I can lift more than Molly's car seat this will be an easier task. I decided to take Molly and MJ to get MJ's hair cut which he desperately needed to have done. I was prepared for the outing and the potential wait. I let MJ bring his DVD player and even broke out a new DVD for the occasion. On the way there we passed a McDonald's which sparked a promise of ice cream for a successful haircut and good behavior.

An hour later there is a crying baby, a disheveled mother and a little boy with no haircut due to a temper tantrum. It's really too bad because I really wanted ice cream!

This weekend we may try "Shear Madness", a child-friendly salon with a couple of locations in the metro. The picture above shows the allure of such a child-friendly place.

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Emily said...

This place looks like so much fun. Hopefully it will be more successful. The little guy surely won't cry if he gets to "drive" a truck?!?!?!