Saturday, April 18, 2009

I should have known

Molly has a very consistent bedtime routine. She starts the night off falling asleep in her swing between 7 & 8. When I am ready to go to bed, I take her upstairs and she sleeps in her cosleeper for the remainder of the night. I had planned to pick up new batteries for her swing today knowing the ones in it currently were fading fast. The day passed by and I didn't get to the store and by 6:00 panic set in thinking that we were going to be 'swingless' in Kansas City this evening.

Our good friend MR was a lifesaver and picked us up some as he went to get dinner for his family. I put Molly down in her Boppy pillow while I changed the batteries out. In the minute it took to do that, I turn around to find her as she is in the picture above. It's like bringing an umbrella so it doesn't rain.

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