Monday, April 27, 2009

Molly in Iowa Part 2

We're back home after almost logging in almost 1,000 miles on the mini-van. Saturday, Molly and I left Keosauqua and made a stop in Mount Pleasant to visit my Aunt Karen. We met Steph and Shelly, two of my high school friends, for lunch and continued on to my brother's house in Cedar Rapids. My nieces and nephews had a great time with Molly as she did with them. My nephew looked very handsome and did a great job at his 1st Communion. Yesterday, Molly and I made the trek from Cedar Rapids back to Kansas City with a stop in Ankeny to visit and have lunch with my sister's family. I arrived home around 4:30 with a fever and Mastitis. Welcome home!

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Anonymous said...

Molly looked like she enjoyed seeing all her cousins and I know they enjoyed seeing her. Kellen has a new short haircut I noticed. Looks pretty stylish to me. Sorry you are feeling bad but hopefully you will be back to yourself soon. Take care of yourself. Mom