Saturday, May 23, 2009

Goodbye DISH, Hello U-Verse

As of Tuesday, June 2nd, we are ending our relationship with DISH Network. It has been a love/hate relationship from the beginning. I love the fact that I can record two shows at a time. I also love that I can watch those shows on either TV that the DVR controls. I hate the fact that the satellite goes out during the smallest of rainshowers and the way our receiver acts up on a relatively frequent basis. I had contemplated a switch for a few months now and today I finally did it. U-Verse will have many of the same features as DISH but *hopefully* without the headache. I will be able to record up to four programs at a time and watch them on any tv in our house. There are no contracts and with the lack of a satellite DISH I won't have to resort to our battery opereated handheld tv to determine if a tornado is in our neighborhood. I've heard I can even set events to record from my cell cool!

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