Sunday, May 3, 2009

Look out Lance Armstrong!

RJ got an Amtryke bicycle two years ago. It is an adapted tricycle that a child can propel with arms, legs or both. It also has a parent push bar for assistance. Two years ago, RJ was 3 years old and he was measured specifically for this bike by his physical therapist. According to Amtryke's guidelines he should have fit in to this particular model and size of bike. For the first time, this year, he just fits in it's smallest setting. Look at what he can do!


Anonymous said...

I have watched this video a dozen times and can't tell you how thrilled I am to see him riding his very own tricycle by himself. He is amazing. Mom

Grandpa Lowe said...

I think I'm up to about 15 views. How wonderful for Ryan! Hope you have lots of nice days that he and his "little brudder" can ride together.

Libby Naimo said...

How Cool is that???!?!?!?
He's doing really well!
Love to all, Libby