Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Spoonful of Sugar

I have had three children and three different medicine-giving styles. RJ was easy. You put it in his g-tube, it went straight to his stomach, parent and child both happy. MJ loves medicine. Almost too much. He will pretend to cough and sneeze just to get some. He has always loved medicine and has had no problem taking it. Molly, on the other hand does not care for the thick pink stuff. Maybe it's the flavor, maybe it's the temperature (it has to be refrigerated). Regardless, I have had to go to creative lengths to get her to down her two daily doses. By squirting it in a bottle nipple, she seems to at least tolerate it and neither she, nor I end up wearing it.
Note: MJ took the picture of Molly and I. Special thanks to Grammy for the adorable dress she has on!


Mom said...

Best picture of Bobby ever:) Finally he looks natural and not posed. Kids are pretty sweet too:)

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!!! What great pictures!!!!!!!

Grammy Jones