Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fun-Filled Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend up in Iowa. It was the first time the Jones family of five made the trek to Keo. The kids traveled wonderfully! Though we battled a little illness (MJ), a little rain and cool temperatures, the 2009 4th of July is one to be remembered.
*Note: When traveling with a newly potty-trained toddler, a travel potty is a lifesaver!*

A short playdate with My S0 Called Life and Blurbs
My sister Richelle, niece Calea and nephew Kellen. Blankets on the 4th of July??!!

Calea pushing RJ on the swings at the park

Bobby and Molly getting ready for fireworks

Mom and MJ before the fireworks started.

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Mom said...

Great pictures and it was a great weekend. We didn't melt in the rain so all in all the weather didn't stop us from having a good time. We loved seeing the kids have such a good time. Molly was a trooper with the fireworks and watching Ryan get so excited was a thrill. Can't wait till our next get together in a couple weeks only this time its your turn to host:)