Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Kindness of Strangers

I had an amazing thing happen to me tonight. While at the mall, I saw a woman with a special-needs daughter and inquired about her stroller/wheelchair. It was the brand of a collapsible one I had been looking at for Ryan. I wanted her opinion on the portability and ease of use. She informed me that she loves it but that her daughter is getting too big for it. (Her daughter is 11). Long story short, we walked to the parking lot together and she GAVE ME her Convaid stroller. These retail for almost $2000. Even with insurance our copay would have been around $400. I offered to pay her something for it but she wouldn't have it. She said she would much rather see it go to someone who could use it than sell it. If there is any doubt if there are angels among us, I met one tonight.


AWThomas said...

I'm only looking through these blogs because I can't sleep. But I am so glad I came across this story. It's so easy to lose faith nowadays, but stories like this keep my heart and mind in the game. Thank you.

I heard an interesting idea for meditation the other day...in the morning, think of what blessings you have that you can give during the course of the day. At night, think of what blessings you've received that day. It really makes you think. Thanks again!

Emily said...

Amazing!That is great.

Steph said...

Robyn...That is so cool!