Monday, September 28, 2009


Last night RJ went with Bobby to visit his parents. When he returned he was obviously having an allergic reaction to something. Face was swollen, covered in hives, his palms were itchy and his tongue was swollen. RJ has gone to my in-laws many times over the last five years and has never had any reaction. I asked Bobby if he had eaten anything. Bobby said that he did have part of a Kashi cereal bar. We called my in-laws to see what ingredients were listed. Cashews, Walnuts, Almonds and Coconut amongst other things. I called "Ask A Nurse" who informed me that it was most likely a tree nut allergy which was confusing to me since Ryan has no reaction to peanuts. I quickly found out that peanuts are not in fact part of the 'nut' family but rather a legume. Therefore, one can have an allergy to most nuts and not be allergic to peanuts. We are taking him to the doctor tomorrow to see exactly what it is that he's allergic to.


Ms. Mayhem said...

Holy sure to keep Benedryl and get an epi-pen!

Kelly H. said...

Coconut could be the culprit too. Devin has severe peanut, but no tree nut allergies. Scary, but good catch!!