Saturday, October 3, 2009

Back to my Roots


Literally. Yesterday I had an appointment to get my hair done. I asked my beautician to match my roots and shockingly this is the color! I did this a few years ago and didn't like it. What made me try it again, I'm not sure. It is growing on me this time. Keep in mind that the picture you're seeing is via camera phone and with no makeup. I would love any and all comments. Positive, negative, I'll accept them all. I have a standing appointment in two weeks in case I decide I want to lighten it back up a bit.


Melissa E. said...

Your natural color looks better with your skin color. The lighter color is nice but not as natural. If you wanted a little lighter, perhaps you could go with mild highlights so that it would'nt look as extreme when they grew out. Honestly, though, the natural color looks better. I think you look younger in the 2nd photo. Just my opinion.

Mom said...

Even though I like it, it will take some getting used to. You were always a blonde as a little girl and even in high school. I don't think you started the highlights until college or after you got married. I will make my final judgement when I see it in person but it looks good in the photo.

Anonymous said...

What does your husband have to say about it? He's the one that will be looking at it the most. :-)

Your father-in-law and I like it blonde much better.

You are so blessed!!!!!! You don't even have to wear make-up and you still look beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Or, how about the color of your hair in the picture that you have on your profile (the "about me" picture)? It's not quite as light as the "curly hair" picture and I think you look like a super-model in that one.


Anonymous said...

I agree, the natural color makes you look younger. Go with blond highlights and I think your hubby will approve.