Friday, October 30, 2009

Playing Favorites...Not Really

The stocking on the far left is the one I grew up with. My siblings and I all had the same stocking year after year. Wanting to continue the tradition, once we had more than one child, I found a woman on E-Bay who knitted the same stockings that we had as kids. I ordered MJ's and RJ's at the same time. This year I ordered Molly's from a different seller, same stocking right? WRONG! Same pattern, MUCH bigger stocking. Is this going to look ridiculous? How do I explain to the boys why Molly's stocking is so much bigger? Anyone with young siblings knows that Christmas always turns in to a competition!


Mom said...

Just shove some heavy items into the boys stocking and leave them there for awhile to stretch them out. The ones you kids had weren't all exactly the same size either but not quite as big a difference as these.

Grandpa Lowe said...

She's female. She'll need more room for girl stuff. Ryan's has a red toe so his is unique too. And Matthew's matches Mom's so they are all special.