Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fevers and Ears

It must be getting close to winter. We're starting to see our share of ailments in the Jones house. On our way back from Florida, MJ complained of a painful, hot ear for about 5 minutes. He quickly stated that "it got better on it's own" and we didn't think much more of it. After seeing some drainage the next week I took him in to the Minute Clinic to be examined.
Ruptured Ear Drum. (No wonder he was ignoring us!)

Molly has had her 3rd case of running a fever in a month. Each time I've taken her to the doctor only to be told that there isn't anything wrong. How frustrating! This week she had blood drawn at the hospital. It took 3 sticks and 3 people to draw 3 cc's of blood. White cells came back a little high and of course the next morning, fever was gone.

RJ, our medically fragile child has had no issues. *Keep your fingers crossed*

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Mom said...

Oh how I remember those days when you all were little. It seemed like someone was always sick. Those days will pass I hope as they all build up resistance. Lets keep our fingers crossed for a mild winter!