Friday, December 11, 2009

I miss the Good Ol' Days

Remember when you were a kid and being sick meant that you would be tucked cozy in to your bed and mom would bring you whatever you would need? Though mom wasn't there in college, the most I had to worry about was whether or not to get up and go to class. Those days are long gone. It doesn't matter if I'm sick or not, there is work to get done, kids to be fed, lunches to be packed, etc, etc. One thing that I have let slip: housework. Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is a cleaning lady.


Emily said...

So true! Doesn't matter if you're sick or tired. No break for mommy! When I was sick last week it was during the week so I could send Evy to daycare during that day. That was a savior!

Mom said...

Wow had I known this is what you really wanted for Christmas I could have saved a bunch of money:) Its more important for you to get well than have a clean house so rest up and hope the pick up fairy visits real soon!