Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dalton Burner 5K

This morning I did my second 5K of the week. Luckily I have a few weeks off before my next. This one was in support of The Dalton Burner Foundation. Dalton is a little boy who was in MJ's preschool class last year. They discovered a cancerous tumor growing in his leg this spring. After surgery and radiation he is doing well. It makes you realize just how fast things can change and to cherish every day.

As for the race. Holy Hills Batman! I finished in just under 29 minutes which I think is my 2nd best time. There were some horrendous hills, the one pictured above (not today's race) was one of the *smaller* ones. Blech!


Mom said...

With all this running you have been doing your muscle mass must be awesome:) Good job kiddo!

Anonymous said...

The 'hand' tree is such a cute idea! And, congrats on yet ANOTHER 5K! You're a rockstar! -Kathryn

Laurie said...

I'm stealing the Hand Tree --- I traced Ella's hands and feet over and over again in a coloring book today and it's just what we need to replace the hand/feet american flag art! Thanks and congrats on another 5K! You are inspiring!