Saturday, September 18, 2010


I have wanted a ceiling fan for Molly's room for a while. I loved the look of Hunter's girly fan but I'm not a fan of the price tag. The other day I was going for a walk and noticed my neighbor two doors up was putting his trash out at the curb. He had carried out a box that had a complete white ceiling fan. I hollered "Scott, what's wrong with your ceiling fan?". He told me that it was in their master bedroom and his wife wanted a darker wood one. There was nothing wrong with it. Now, I'm not in the habit of trash picking but what a find! He carried it down to my house for me and it sits in my dining room waiting for my dad to install it this week. I had to run to Home Depot earlier today for a specialty light bulb and decided to ask about painting the fan blades. Holy cow was it simple. A little primer, a little spray paint and voila! Pink fan blades! Can't wait to see it in her room.

The box of 'trash'

Priming the wood grain side

Blades painted pink

Close of of one pink blade (more pink in person)

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Mom said...

Here's hoping dad gets it installed this week:) Nice work!