Monday, November 15, 2010

2010 Resolutions Revisited

With the holidays quickly approaching, I started thinking how fast 2011 will be here. I vaguely remember writing resolutions for 2010 and it made me wonder how I'm doing on completing them. Here are my 2010 resolutions:

1) Take a wine tasting class. I am going to learn about wine and see if I can find
something that I can drink without cringing. Scheduled for next Saturday!

2) Take a knife skills class. I want to learn to chop like Rachel Ray Nope, not yet

3) Lose weight. With numbers 1 and 2 this might be counterproductive.
Yep! Down 35 lbs from a year ago!

4) Get organized. We have too much crap and I want to streamline my household
Getting better, rediscovering my love for E-Bay and Craigslist

5) Follow a budget. We've already enlisted the help of our financial advisor on this one. We know we could be saving more than we do and we hope to accomplish this by following more of a budget than what we currently have (which is none).
Yay! Started a budget about 3 weeks ago and I can't believe how much we were nickle and diming ourselves to death. A Starbucks here, a happy hour there. So much more going to savings now and a great meal plan system to boot!

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Mom said...

Wow 4 out of 5. That has to be a record:) I never was successful with any I made so quit doing it years ago.