Friday, November 5, 2010


Yesterday our babysitter called me to tell me that Molly had told her she needed to go potty on the potty chair, went over and actually went! Not just #1 mind you... Last night, just for fun, I pulled out a pair of training pants that I had stashed away and wouldn't you know, she spent some time playing. Stopped, ran over to the potty and peed. Today the sitter is off and I decided we'd spend the day in training pants and see how it goes. 21 months may be a little early but heck, if she's showing interest I'm in!

I should note, Molly is wearing BabyLegs. I had picked these up a while back but they come in very handy for potty training. They keep the legs warm yet eliminate a layer to pull down.

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Mom said...

I have a feeling this little girl will train herself. She is so grown up for her age. Of course you were trained at 18 months so maybe its just an inherited gene:)