Saturday, November 27, 2010

Got to Love Brothers!

My brother Rich is three years younger than me. Growing up I think we got along relatively well. There were never many neighbor kids to play with, he typically tagged along with me and my best friend. He even stood up for me (on my side) for my wedding eight years ago. Today I came home from Keosauqua to find a large box waiting for me. Rich built RJ a computer to use his soon to be new software on. Our current desktop was purchased eight years ago and I could probably hand write a note and mail it in the time it would take for it to process an e-mail. It was time for an upgrade. RJ does not do well on laptops and with the hopes of winning the aforementioned touch screen contest, a new computer was a must. Though I consider myself pretty technologically astute, I have nothing on my dad and brothers. Thank You Rich for taking the time (and parts!) to get RJ one step closer to more successful communication!

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Rich said...

Thanks for the post :P It was no problem at all! Hope Ryan gets some good use out of it, as I'm sure he will.