Monday, November 8, 2010

I Need YOU to VOTE!

I'm not one of those people to ask people to vote for my beautiful baby etc etc but I have a valid reason requesting your help. RJ has the opportunity to win a touchscreen add-on to our current home computer monitor. This would allow him to use a software at home that he currently uses at school to learn and communicate.

It's a contest on the manufacturer's Facebook page. In order to vote:

1) You need to 'like' the company Keytec, Inc.
2) Under their discussions tab you can read the 5 entries if you wish.
3) Under their 'Polls' tab you have the option to vote.
4) Vote for Entry #5 (Robyn Lowe Jones)

Thank You so much for your help!


Mom said...

keeping my fingers crossed but it will be a long month of waiting:)

Emily said...

Go Robyn! You currently have 100% of the vote!

Rich said...

I think you've got this one nailed :P Watch out for snipers I suppose.