Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ugh! E-Bay

After posting 14 listings tonight on E-Bay and 100% positive rating of 242, I received my first negative feedback tonight. Here's the kicker, the buyer left it immediately after I opened an unpaid item dispute! I'm being blackmailed! The buyer had sent me a message on Thursday stating that they would pay on Friday. I printed all my mailing labels and prepared my 12 packages for shipping. Against better judgment, I shipped all packages (including his) together Saturday to save a trip. I e-mailed the buyer Monday to remind him of his lack of payment to no response. Today, I opened up an unpaid item dispute and not 20 minutes later do I discover negative feedback stating the baby bottles I sold (for all of $4) smelled like cigarettes! Give me a break! I reported this incident to E-Bay so hopefully they remove the negative rating. I had a good run while it lasted I suppose. That'll teach me to be so trusting.

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Mom said...

You are going to run into deadbeats on occasion when you deal with the public. Its too bad but thats how some people roll. I had to laugh about the cigarette smell though. If people only knew how much you hate smoking:)