Sunday, January 9, 2011

Another 1st

Yesterday we had a few friends over who had kiddos born the same time as Ryan for his birthday. Nothing big, just our traditional pizza, cake and balloons. Ryan loves balloons so I try to hang them all over for events like this. I couldn't find a place to secure them on the mantle, so I opted to tie them to a beautiful ceramic pitcher. Perfect! They looked great. About 15 minutes later, Ryan pulls himself up to the TV console, yanks on the balloon strings and unfortunately, his head broke the pitcher's fall. His head bled like heads bleed (from a noticeable gash)and we were off to the E.R. 2 x-rays (clear!) and 3 staples later, we returned to his party with a grand entrance. I told everyone there that I swear the kid is made of rubber. He bounces back like nobody else I've ever seen!


Mom said...

Stitches are a right of childhood:) Especially boys so you may have more to come. He is a tough one. Wish I could give him some kisses and hugs.

Laurie said...

Poor guy!