Monday, February 7, 2011

It's Official

Molly is officially potty trained. I'm still a little bit in shock. She is wearing underwear for naps but I am still putting a Pull-Up on her overnight until I see a good pattern of her waking up dry. I was a little concerned when she and I left yesterday to go to lunch, Costco and the grocery store and I realized I had no diapers, extra pants or underwear (nothing like being prepared!). She was a pro and we survived the 3 hour trip with no accidents and pottying on strange toilets. Is it just me or is she growing up way too fast?


Mom said...

She is a pro:) She was definately ready. Way to go Molly!

Laurie said...

Good Job Molly and Mom! I'm still doing diapers for naps and bedtime.