Sunday, May 15, 2011

Toyroom Progress

I am taking part in our citywide garage sale next weekend. In preperation I am purging, and I mean PURGING toys. The amount of toys we have is absolutely ridiculous and the majority of them the kids have outgrown, don't play with or are duplicates of something they do play with. (Do we really need 3 shape sorters?) Above is the work accomplished today. I cleaned out the closet under the basement stairs and made a fun little hideaway which also conceals a big chunk of the toys. The rest of the toy room now has much more room for play.


Anonymous said...

Great job!


Emily said...

Looks good. I bet it was destroyed in under 10 minutes :-)

Robyn said...

Good guess Emily! Though I must say that now that everything has a designated place it's much easier to clean up too!