Saturday, August 20, 2011

Family Night at the Royals

We were fortunate enough to be on the recipient end of a generous organization. This particular organization buys several tickets in the handicapped areas of stadiums or arenas and then gives them free of charge to families who have disabled family members. Someone suggested our family as a recipient and we had one of the best family outings we've ever had. The seats were wonderful, the kids were amazing and we even stayed in our seats until the top of the 8th. The best part? RJ walked in to the game by himself for the first time!


Mom said...

Awesome pictures! Love them.

nowamomof3 said...

I have a daughter living with Rett syndrome and I saw you blog (I clicked on next blog after my blog and your blog came up). I was wondering what is the organization that you used to get you tickets? My daughter loves hockey.

PS You have two handsome boys and a beautiful girl.