Monday, October 31, 2011

Can't Wait

As I've mentioned before RJ is the world's biggest Yo Gabba Gabba fan. He has a Brobee backpack, sleeps with a Brobee pillow and blanket and "Gabba" is one of the few words he can actually say. I had the opportunity to join the "YGG" Street Team which basically involved me spreading the word of the upcoming show. I got an e-mail last week stating that they are giving our entire family tickets to the show this Sunday plus we get to meet the characters! If anyone remembers our Disney trip last year and the joy RJ felt when he met the characters there, you can only imagine what it will be like when he meets Brobee up close and personal. I can't wait!


Mom said...

Sooo excited for Ryan:) I hope Broby is prepared for a lot of hugs!

Mom said...

Shows how much I know. I didn't spell Brobee correctly:) Forgive me Ry.