Friday, November 4, 2011

I'm Insane

Tomorrow I am participating in the Ruckus Kansas City. This is essentially a 3 mile obstacle course with mud pits, monkey bars, rope nets and many other *fun* activities to overcome. I initially signed up to participate back in August when it would be nice and warm and a swim through muddy water would be nice and refreshing but they opted to postpone it due to the excessive heat Kansas City was experiencing at the time. I am doing this with two of my high school basketball buddies so at least I won't be suffering alone!


Mom said...

Remember next weekend is our girls get away and shopping weekend so please don't get hurt. I usually tell you to break a leg as a good luck saying but this time I am afraid to do so:)

Valentin Gaston "El Toro" Ciminieri 7 said...

tus fotos son muy bonitas! saludos desde Argentina!