Thursday, December 1, 2011

9 Years!

Yesterday Bobby and I celebrated our 9th anniversary. His parents watched the kids while we went down to the Plaza, took in the lights and had a delicious dinner at P.F. Changs. It's amazing to see where 9 years has taken us. I can bet that on that November day in 2002 those two young newlyweds would have never fathomed the road we were to travel and the parenting obstacles we were to overcome.

I can't help but think of statistics as our marriage continues to be strong. Not only do many everyday marriages end in divorce but once you factor in a special needs child, the statistics increase measurably. I know we may face additional challenges, especially as RJ ages but I am proud of where we've come and thankful to have a loving partner by my side through it all.

(*this picture is from a couple of months after we started dating, we were just a couple of kids!)


Mom said...

I might add that you both make us proud with not only your parenting skills but the way you handle all the stressful situations that arise, sometimes on a daily basis. He couldn't have better parents and we couldn't have a sweeter grandchild.

Anonymous said...

Awwww......that was so sweet to say about your hubby. And he couldn't have picked a better wife or a mother for his kids.

Mom & Dad Jones

Laurie said...

You are an inspiration! Congrats to you!

Adorable couple!