Wednesday, February 15, 2012


A few weeks back I blogged about wanting an office. Though it's not perfect, my office is certainly functional. I was able to create a space on the cheap that allows me to work from home in a real office space. I only wish I would have taken "before" photos! I need to figure out a better solution for cords too.
Cost breakdown:
Wood + Stain from Home Depot: $20
Used File Cabinets from Craigslist: $10 each ($20)
Scrapbook Paper and Modpodge for the front of the file cabinets: $5
So, for less than $50 I have an office and a good place for the kids to eventually do schoolwork. Even better, I can close the doors and hide it all!
*Forgive the crappy cell phone pic*


Emily said...

This is a good idea but I always want to know what happened to all the stuff that was in the closet? I would never be able to give up that much closet space as my house has no storage!

Robyn said...

Emily, this closet was a disastrous catch-all of misc. crap. By using some decorative boxes on the shelf up above and the two "new" file cabinets (and throwing away all the non-necessities) we were able to consolidate!

Mrs White said...

LMAO!! Awesome. Now that's how you use space. Gotta love it.
Me...I'm trying to figure out now how to empty out half my closet for an arriving husband. God help me with that one.

Enjoy your office.

Mrs White