Sunday, June 17, 2012

Time to Get Real

Debbie and I after our race yesterday
I have recently noticed parts of my body felt jigglier.  My clothes still fit fine but I hadn't weighed myself to see how much damage had really been done.  Oh. My. Goodness.  15 pounds gained since April 4th.  It is seriously time to get real.  On some positive notes:
I started my running routine two weeks ago and have logged about 12 miles so far.  Yesterday I ran a 5K race with one of my customers, slowed my pace down and was able to run the whole thing! 
I've logged back in to MyFitnessPal and plan to start tracking my calories again.  It's amazing how fast all these summer foods (and drinks!) add up. 

Plan of attack:
1) Track all food
2) Continue my running to averag 3-4 times a week.  Build mileage.
3) Train for Bike Van Buren to ride with my brother and my dad
4) Cut out most if not all soda
5) Use the nice subdivision pool 7 houses up to swim laps

I know I'm not going to do all of this at once and I won't see physical changes immediately but hopefully I will see some positive results and make some lifestyle changes.  My ultimate goal is not going to be a number on a scale but rather fitness and tone.

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Mom said...

At least you have a plan. I just wing it:)