Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bike Van Buren

Before we set off (Me, Dad, Brother Jeff)

The Pittsburg Hill, we hit this bad boy only 2 miles in.

Our first stop in Milton, IA
Whew!  What a week it's been.  Last Thursday I headed up to Iowa for Bike Van Buren.  It's a two-day bike ride over 115 miles of not-so-flat terrain.  I will admit that I only made it approx. 37 miles in to the first day.  My dad and brother rode the entire first day but we all opted out of day 2.  I've learned my lesson that A) More training is required and B) A mountain bike is not the correct bike for this event.  I couldn't figure out how so many people were flying past me UP the hills.  When I researched it, I found that on a mountain bike you have to exert 50% more effort to go the same distance.  No wonder!  I'm looking forward to trying it again next year a little more prepared.   

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