Monday, September 3, 2012

BlogPress Review

Photo Added from BlogPress

Photo Posted from Computer
A few posts ago, I had marveled at the app "BlogPress".  I've come to notice that the picture quality is downright poor.  This is the same photo, both taked with my phone.  The first one, I used the app to upload it to the blog.  The second, I e-mailed to myself and then posted it to the blog via my computer.  Much clearer.  Though I still think the BlogPress will be handy for those on the go moments, I think I will stick to the computer for the most part.


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Morgan said...

I agree, and have the same problem with my app, but if you click on the actual picture it will bring you to its own page where the picture is clear as day. Go figure. Just like you, for the sake of convenience, I'm going to keep this app around!