Monday, October 8, 2012

Cabinet Jealousy

This weekend I took the two M's up to Cedar Rapids to visit my brother and his family.  (Ms Mayhem and EC, I waved to both of you as I drove by ;-)

My brother has a beautiful house in general but I was especially in awe of their kitchen organization. Yes, they do have more cabinet space than I do, but it inspired me to do some cleaning out of my own stuff. And clean out I did! I tend to ask for kitchen stuff for Christmas so space needed to be made anyway. As always, I forgot to take before pictures but here are some of the afters.

Anything that hasn't been used for years: GONE

How many Tupperware bowls does one really need?

Two boxes FULL!  Ready for a garage sale or donation-Anyone need a wok?


Mom said...

Didn't that wok once belong to me:)Wow I can hardly wait to come to your house and put dishes away without ducking to see whats going to fall on my head! Seriously though you need lots of tupperware, I couldn't live without it.

Emily said...

Darn, I would have waved back if I knew you were in the area :-)