Tuesday, October 16, 2012


My refrigerator had been making a horrible racket. It was so loud that I had to turn the volume of the TV up in the living room. I called an appliance repair company a couple of months ago. They left me with a quote of $300 and told me a needed a new condensor fan.

I decided to check out how much this actual part cost online. I checked it out and found it for $73 on the Whirlpool parts online store. I watched a video on Youtube on how to replace it and for $73, my refrigerator now sounds like this.
There is a lot I can't do, but I gave myself a big pat on the back for this one!


Anonymous said...

We didn't raise no dummy:) Good for you. Maybe you have found a new career path.

Rich said...

That's awesome, nice work! Always feels good to do a major repair by yourself at a fraction of the cost. I'm impressed you took on such an unfamiliar challenge :)

Dad said...

Looks like a totally different refrigerator to me. ;-)

Laurie said...