Monday, October 22, 2012

Our Tree

See that tree?  The GREEN one?  Every year all of the trees on our street turn a beautiful shade of red, hence their name RED Maples.  In our neighborhood, it is required that each house have two red maples planted.  We have one in our front yard and one in our back yard.  For some reason, I think our builder pulled a fast one on us.  Every year I look longingly at all of the beautiful trees while ours stays green, turns brown and loses it's leaves in one big clump around Thanksgiving.


Mom said...

Have you ever asked anyone if it is indeed a red maple? Its a lovely tree no matter what the type:)

Rich said...

That does stand out :P Well, you can always have it replaced with a red one I suppose. Or you could just tell people that it's because you have such a fertile yard that it doesn't feel the need to shed it's leaves :)