Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Back in the spring I was shopping with my friend Julie when she was in town.  I was looking for a pair of jeans and she suggested I try on these *gulp* $100+ pairs.  I told her absolutely not, what crazy person would spend that much on a pair of jeans!  Apparently me!  She explained to me that I would wear them more, take care of them better and that they would maintain their shape better than my $30 jeans.  She was right.  I love these jeans.  I can wear them for days in a row (yikes!) and they aren't all saggy like my others.  This weekend I wanted to find one more pair of jeans to wear with my boots.  I went back to the Buckle and my sales associate brought me 15 pairs of jeans to try on.  I narrowed it down to two pairs, both which were the same brand as the pair I own and love. Big Star is apparently my brand of choice. 

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Spoon said...

Really? I keep spending 40$ at American Eagle on jeans that just don't really seem to fit. I never really thought that 100$ jeans would actually be better quality, though I suppose that would indeed make sense. I might just have to try this out at some point. I've been to Buckle once or twice and got some tanktops that were on sale that I really liked. So who knows! Thanks for the tip!