Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Proposal

MJ needs to have some routine blood work done.  I've had the orders in my purse for a month now knowing the meltdown that would ensue if I even suggested it (not to mention the hell I would endure by springing it on him at the lab).  MJ has also been very in to cup stacking since receiving a set of Speed Stacks for his birthday last week.  Now he wants a Stack Mat and Timer (pictured).  Being the fabulous parent I am, I bribed him.  I told him that if he got his blood drawn, I would get him a Stack Mat and Timer.  We watched videos on YouTube of young children getting their blood drawn and have had lots of conversations of what it would entail.  I told him that I give blood and though it hurts for just a second, it's over with very quickly and that when he is ready to do it, he needs to tell me and we'll go.  Today he came home from school with the  writing project below: 
"Dear Mom and Dad I wish you would get me a stack mat 'cause next time I'm bleeding I will go to the doctor and sell my blood and I will clean my cups and mat up every day and"

"I will sell a lot of blood like that much in a bag also I will bring a ticket for another night for breakfast in bed and coffee in bed"

This afternoon he decided that he was ready.  I threw him in the car and flew to the lab only to find out that one of the draws required him to be fasting.  Nuts.  We're going to try again for Thursday and hope he's still up for it.  (I did tell him that we are not "selling" his blood!)


Mom said...

I wonder who he thinks it is being sold to?:) Funny how little minds work!

Rich said...

Funny :) Perhaps he thinks he's selling it so you can buy him the toys he wants :P

BTW, the robot test to post comments is ridiculously hard to read--always takes me at least 3 or 4 tries. Think blogger.com needs to tone it down a bit.