Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Quick Project

After a faucet leak forced us to remove all of the junk from under the sink, I decided to use one of the "future projects" pins I had made on Pinterest.  Under this cabinet has always been a barrage of spills, discoloration and miscellaneous sticky stuff.  A quick trip to Lowe's for some self-stick tiles (8 @ $0.88 each) and one tension rod ($3) make for a much more organized space and a surface for easier clean up!
Yuck!  Stains, Stains, Stains!  The middle contraption held a trash can we never used.

After: not perfect but decent.  I was able to trim the tiles to size with regular scissors.

Much more organzied.  See those bottles hanging?

Another Pinterest idea:  a tension rod holds spray bottles up off the ground.  Extra storage space!


Mom said...

Cool idea! Good thing you are a gal of many talents:)

Rich said...

Won't the spills just seep into the cracks between the tiles now, making it harder to clean? Maybe I'm just not sure of what you're using. Looks nice though :)