Monday, July 29, 2013

31 National Conference

Janet (our far left) is my executive director.  The three on the right are three of the four directors on her team.

It is 31's 10th Anniversary

A few of my 16,000 closest friends

Walking the stage with my National Executive Director

Our CEO, Cindy Monroe and myself

Janet, Nancy (one of my downline) and myself.
Wow.  What a week!  I just got back from Thirty-One's National Conference.  It was a fantastic conference with amazing speakers.  I was able to walk the stage and be recognized for promoting and brought home tons of fun new products.  The biggest mistake?  I took a charter bus with 53 other Kansas City Thirty-One consultants to Atlanta in order to save some money by not flying.  I will save for the plane ticket next year.  I do not do well sleeping sitting up. Yikes! 

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Mom said...

Glad you are home and had a fabulous time!