Sunday, August 18, 2013

Eventful Sunday!

We spent part of our day in the local ER for a head laceration.  I may have over reacted just a bit but when you see lots of blood and can't visualize the actual cut, it's better to be safe than sorry right?  How did it happen?  I pulled in to the garage and MJ was trying to help by unbuckling RJ when I shut off the car.  When I opened the minivan door (by a button above the driver's seat), RJ was a little too eager to get out and rolled out of the van on to the concrete.  Note: he can't get out of the car by himself...normally.  It was completely an accident and luckily, he's fine.  No stitches even, just an unsightly bump on the head.  Big thanks to my mom who came and wrangled MJ and Molly (who fell out of her chair in the waiting room goofing off).  Luckily I didn't need their services for her!


Mom said...

You know it was just a week ago Molly got hit in the head with a golf club. I'm not sure my old body can take this much excitement on a weekly basis:)

Grandpa Lowe said...

He's a tough cookie, that Ryan. "Been there, done that" he says.