Monday, November 4, 2013


Tomorrow is RJ's surgery and it is now starting to sink in.  RJ's bag is packed for the hospital and he climbed the stairs to the bus this morning for the last time in who knows how long it will be.  I'm sick to my stomach knowing that the decision we made for him (to help him in the long run) will cause him such a painful recovery.  We've tried to prepare him but how do you prepare a kid for this?  Especially a non-verbal one?  I'm awaiting the phone call today from the hospital with the last minute instructions on when to cut off food and liquids and when to arrive at the hospital tomorrow.  I will keep everyone updated on his status but we're in for a long day tomorrow as surgery is expected to take 6-7 hours. 


Mom said...

I know there will be so many prayers coming his way tomorrow and in the weeks to come. He has an extended family and countless friends so feel free to call on any of them to help out. Love him and you!

Laurie said...

My eyes instantly teared up when I read this. I KNOW that feeling all too well and the emotions come right back. Praying for you ALL. We have to make so many tough decisions as parents and all of your children are lucky to have you. You amaze me! Keep us posted!