Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cast Change

Today Ryan had an appointment to get x-rays, pins removed and new casts. This appointment was moved up from Friday because of an unfortunate (and preventable) incident that happened at school yesterday). We wanted to make sure everything looked ok sooner rather than later. I documented the process today and I'm amazed at how well he did. Some of the pictures may not be for those with weak stomachs. The picture of his ankle with the pin shows just 1 of the FOUR 4" pins he had removed today. He's a champ!  He does have an open sore on one of his incision sites that we need to monitor and we'll be back for another check up in two weeks. 


Rich said...

Way to go Ryan!! I like the new casts too :)

Mom said...

Wow what a trooper! Can't wait to see the new colors��