Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Goals

 I have some goals I would like to work toward achieving this year and this blog is the perfect way to look back and review what I set out to do.
1) Lose 15-20 pounds by May 1st.  Slow and steady wins the race.  In the early days of this blog (2010) I lost a lot of weight and documenting it really upped my motivation.  I've gotten complacent in my eating and lack of exercise but I'm ready to get moving again.  I plan to use My Fitness Pal, my gym membership and hopefully when weather allows, the Couch to 5K program that I saw so much success in four years ago.

2) Unplug.  I find myself much to attached to electronic devices.  I'm making a concious effort to not need to have my phone or ipad within an arm's reach 24/7.  I want to enjoy the funny things that come out of Molly's mouth, the witty comments that Matthew makes and the progress Ryan is sure to have during his upcoming rehab.

3) Enjoy our city.  Kansas City is full of things to do that I've never experienced in my 12 years of living here.  Some at the top of the list.
Truman's Home
Union Station
Nelson Adkins Museum
Cockerell's General Store
Renting a pontoon on the lake
Powell Gardens
I hope to do many of these with my kids and or my parents.

4) Meal plan often.  I go in spurts where I am very good at meal planning.  When I stick to it, I find that not only do I save money, it takes a lot of stress out of figuring out what is for dinner.  I plan to start this weekend for the next two weeks while Ryan goes back in the hospital for rehab.  

As I continue to think, I may figure out more that I would like to do.  I think that all of these goals are very achievable.  I'll update throughout the year as well!

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Mom said...

I agree with the unplugging! I hate having to take my phone with me everywhere I go but when I don't it never fails that someone is trying to get a hold of me and then I feel guilty that I didn't respond. I'm not as computer savvy as most but find I am on facebook much more than I need to be so I think I will follow your lead and just force myself to check a couple times a day and let it go at that! Good luck on your goals and hope I can at least keep mine under control:)