Sunday, January 12, 2014

This Week

Last Monday we checked in to the hospital for our two week rehab stay. The goal of this stay is to get Ry back on his feet and starting to walk again. Every day he has at least 3 therapies, academic learning time and a social hour at night. They keep him busy!  This weekend they let him have day passes to leave the hospital for a few hours. Yesterday we visited the aquarium with the family and today we hit the zoo. It was a beautiful 62 degree day in January!  Funny thing is, when we got here 6 days ago, it was -8 when we checked in.   Beautiful KC weather!

Settling in to his room. 

Our new kicks-braces and shoes. 

Taking our first "new" steps. 

Brother and sister came down for BINGO. They made out with a ton of loot!

Room service rocks at CMH!

We hung out at Crown Center yesterday and ate lunch at the "choo choo" restaurant. 

Next stop, aquarium. 

Just standing (with straight feet!) in the playroom. 

Enjoying the train at the zoo. 

How I found him when I came back from dinner. 


Mom said...

Love the pictures!

Rich said...

Too cute :) Just as I expected, he's handling this like a champ! Looks happy in fact, surprise, surprise! :)